Goodbye Dear Friend

I am certain all will be saddened by the demise of my dear, favored dremmel tool; her bright light was extinguished Thursday afternoon, mid-drill.  Just as I was getting into the creative rhythm, rocking out with the ipod, drilling holes in a piece of plywood, the first sign of an ill fated woodworking adventure snapped my happy reverie- literally.  My tiny, extremely useful drill bit snapped in two.  To my horror, thirty seconds after replacing said useful drill bit with the bulkier, much less useful older cousin, my dremmel coughed, sighed, and spun no more.  I hope no one else has to endure such emotional despondence.

After the appropriate cycles of grief had occurred (shock, cursing, denial (unplug, turn on, off, on, off), rage (fyi, a dremmel tool can put a hole in drywall), depression (“I could never do this by hand!!!”), and acceptance, I respected the custom of a grieving period (one day), and then took myself to Harbor Freight to find myself a new toy.  While my new dremmel is fantastic, faster, and has a cool case with many nifty accessories (which I cannot identify), it can never replace my first in my heart (although it has four distinct speed settings and a decent warranty).

My only complaint with this dremmel is that it is a bright orange, hefty piece of equipment, making it both visually unattractive and at times difficult to handle for the finer elements of some projects.  But the hum and efficiency of that rotary tool at its highest speed is a beautiful thing to behold…


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