Fall 1, October 2009

This is a soft cover, leather bound, silk lined journal, eighty pages of aged parchment paper bound with gold thread using a simple five hole stitch.  The signatures were sewn together first, then sewn into the cover once the design was finished.  I used a cross stitch to attach a square of teal fabric to the brown leather cover, then attached clay leaf charm using the same gold thread.  The inside cover has a piece of leather sewn on with an inkjet copy of a modified picture of leaves adhered to it, on which I inscribed the recipient’s name with a gold pen.  The silk and leather are sewn to together with a tight slip stitch (I think!) using gold thread, and the cover inscription uses the gold paint pen.  I attached two pieces of silk to serve as a tie closure.  All the teal silk and fabric was salvaged from a really cute silk top that I never wore anyway, but was still a little sad to cut up.  Hopefully, this is a good birthday gift for an old friend…


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