Holy Productivity, Batman!

Insomnia- the artsy girl’s best friend.  Sure, I may seem a little dazed at times and the baggage under my eyes would cost a fortune to check at the airport, but I have some pretty cool stuff to show for it.  Here’s what’s up:

I’ve been altering some purchased Moleskine books that I’ll be putting up for sale: Legendary notebooks reinvented with some pretty decent (and much stronger) covers.  Inspired by the reinvention of my adored Fabriano Quadrato Artist Journal, which has fantastic paper but a cover that would never hold up to my abuse.  Pictures forthcoming, but if you want one, hit up the etsy shop and custom order one.  If you want a Quadrato, I’d be happy to oblige, but the base price of the book before my alterations is pretty high, so please don’t have a coronary from sticker shock!

Also doing hand binding, playing around with some new techniques- I am really happy with the side sewn book I just finished (again, pictures are coming!) and am working on some ideas for books and bindings that function more as a fully finished piece of art rather than a journal, notebook, or sketchbook.

Just a note on some products I have recently discovered and fell in love with:

Every Golden Acrylic Medium I have tried- it is high quality and they produce so many different types for so many different effects

The aforementioned Fabriano Artist Journals- fantastic paper for my multimedia sketchbook; however, the cover would never survive my abuse, so I altered the binding to make it stronger.  The company has apparently discontinued the regular Artist Journal, but still makes the Quadrato.

Metal- stay tuned to see what comes of this, but in my search for small letter stamps, I came across a die cut stamping alphabet; I have been contemplating adding metal to my work, and think its about time for some more hardware.

Next time- pictures of my new stuff!!  Stay tuned!!


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