Think of it as… Rustic…

So the blog is set up, in basic form, anyway.  Enough info to get me started, with room to grow.  Eventually, I hope to create a wonderland of quirky links and trapdoors you can fall into and get lost, but it took forever to get to what you see here, so one day at a time!!  The technological world is not exactly my forte; I prefer paper and pen to keyboard and screen, so please bear with me as I conquer yet another new realm.  Right now, my back hurts from sitting up at the keyboard and I am itching to just chill out with my sketchbook, and maybe a novel for a while.  Right now, I have a few design ideas, two half finished altered journals, the new Somerset Cafe, Sacred Hearts by Sarah Dunant, and The Art of Life (about Dan Eldon) by Jennifer New in my to do and read queue.  I’ll let y’all know how everything turns out!!


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