This is some kind of cruel joke…

Yes, seriously folks, it is.  I have these blank business cards; it is supposed to be easy.  Download a template, enter in the right info, load cards into printer, press print, and VOILA!!  Business cards, ready to go!!

Yeah, right.

Nothing lines up right.  Changing the “YOUR NAME HERE” on the template takes an advanced degree in computer science.  I have ten sheets of cards that are off just enough to cut off a vital piece of information, like, oh, the WEBSITE or THE NAME!!  This kind of thing is supposed to be for people like me, right?  Poor and with a tech IQ of ten, right? 

I am about to just toss all of it out the window and go back to good ole pen and paper.  I could write 200 business cards faster than this- and make them neat!!  BTW- using the messed up ones as coupons to send out with orders, so if you get one, goody!!

Now I am off to pound my head against the printer…


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