The Chronicles 2: “Promotions”

Otherwise know as the Etsy forums.  Now, how does this apply to the lack of success?  Most sellers use the forums to their advantage, right?  It makes one more visible, the community offers a crap load of great advice, and also gives the heads up about suspicious buyers (you know the ones:  “I’ll send you a check, write it over, and you give me all your personal info and bank account information so that you can wire me the difference.”  How dumb do these people think we are, really?  I digress…).  The forums can be a great resource and promotion tool, unless you are me.

Unsuccessful Strategy 2:  Promotions, or Procrastinating

Forums on any topic I am remotely interested in are addicting.  I call it research, but really, I get sucked in by anything that strikes me.  If you really want that spectacular failure, make sure to hit up the forums way more than you list.  Do NOT use them for actual business purposes; entertain yourself!!  This is a community of amazing creators- check out every single shop, make sure to book mark your faves, and then, to really come out in the negative, start buying.  I have thus far resisted the urge to purchase, but I am wavering.  I mean, the quirky, unique, and beautiful gifts I could get, not to mention all the stuff I want for myself, could seriously convince me to take out a second mortgage on the house. 

Obsess over the forums.  It will keep you busy for hours- those few quiet hours when you could be working on something important, like the art you are supposed to be making, actual promotions related things like newsletters, tweaking your brand, developing and actually USING your mailing list, research local opportunities to showcase and hawk your product.  And again, lets not forget, MAKING MORE PRODUCT.


More procrastination techniques:

Take the kids to the pool.

Redesign and rebind your own sketchbook.  I’ll post a pic when its done drying, its pretty!!

Decide now is the time to find and actually use your planner.  This could take hours.

I think the house is calling again!!

Detail the kitchen floor with a toothbrush.

Then detail the car.

Read a lot of books about starting a business.  Call it research.

Read a lot of books on your craft.  Also research.

Switch crafts, then read up on the new one.

Be an absolute perfectionist when it comes to your product.  Strive to be divine. 

Then decide that imperfection would look so much better.  Become an imperfect perfectionist.  This could take so much longer that actual perfection.

Take the kids to the pool again.  Forget the sunscreen.  Spend the rest of the week in agony and unable to move or even put clothes on.

You know that blog you were tweaking?  Keep up the good work!!

More awesome tips tomorrow…  Good Night!!  OH!!  And free shipping to the first five customers, plus 20% off all purchases in June!!  Happy Grand Opening to you from me!  (Unsuccessful tip 3:  put all promotional sales info LAST in the blog)


2 thoughts on “The Chronicles 2: “Promotions”

  1. You are hilarious my friend.
    Unfortunately I haven’t resisted the urge to shop…as soon as my PayPal account is full, I empty it out into other etsians’ pockets.

    People make the coolest things!

    • luckily for me, my paypal account is empty!! but yeah, I am on the verge of a major manic etsy shopping spree. Thanks for stopping in!! 🙂

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