Yeah, right!  I am supposed to be grocery shopping, working on a couple of projects, cleaning my house (it smells a wee bit funky), and just doing these day to day bits of normal productive life.  I mean, the food situation here at the homestead is just a bit desperate.  You know what I’m doing?  Reading Danny Gregory’s blog.  For all you art journal junkies out there, his books are great and get back to the basics- namely, drawing everyday stuff, stuff from one’s actual life rather than copying the masters, etc.  I personally have a tendency to draw my coffee cups, but occasionally I branch out and draw a room or playground or doing the art projects assigned to the students at school.  I pretend that this is productive, but it is only personally productive; however, it makes daily life just a little more significant.  The only problem is, my coffee is usually cold by the time I get around to actually drinking it!

scan0003 scan0002 scan0009

And hey, figuring the ins and outs of digital imaging doesn’t hurt the “productivity” aspect of my coffee cup “project” either!! 

An aside- new altered Moleskine up on Etsy, with a Henry Miller quote discovered via Danny Gregory, actually…

miller1 “Every man, when he gets quiet, when he becomes desperately honest with himself, is capable of uttering profound truths.”  -Henry Miller

When I read Tropic of Cancer in college, I got about halfway through before tossing the book aside; sure, Miller deserved credit for pushing the envelope and widening people’s preconceived notions of what could be considered literature, but I just did not like his writing.  I used the bs approach on my exams and never finished the book or read anything else of Miller’s until I came across a bunch of his quotes in Gregory’s book The Creative License.  I have since revised my opinion of Miller in general; however, does anyone else think maybe revising a novel multiple times to up the filth factor may have been a disservice to his own artistic ability?  Maybe that’s just me…  Maybe my personal affinity for the poetic makes me biased.  But I still like my art beautiful- even filth can be rendered beautifully- Walt Whitman wrote of dirt and worms and it was still amazing. 

However, I once again digress…  Riddle me this:  what’s your favorite book and why?


3 thoughts on “Productivity

  1. You know I just sat here and typed a long comment, only to make a mistake and have it disappear! Okay let’s try again! We have several things in common – I too am an “artsybibliomaniac” (I love that blog name) as I love books and art! I also LOVE to draw my COFFEE CUPS! You can look at my blog and see several times I’ve donen that: I haven’t read Miller although it doesn’t sound like I’ve missed much. Walt Whitman – now that’s worth reading – love his Leaves of Grass. Thanks for this post and for sharing! Great coffee cup drawings.

  2. Nice sketching. I really don’t know Miller’s works but I do like Walt Whitman. He’s my favorite poet although I have to admit to not reading too much poetry. If it’s too free I don’t get it and if it’s too old-fashioned I don’t get it either. Walt Whitman was clear, wrote about everyday things and feelings, and I could understand him.

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