Blasphemy and Other Dangerous Musings

Forgive me, dear vintage collectors, for I have sinned against the urge to preserve my old treasures in mint condition.

My husband has amassed an enormous collection of vintage magazines- he used to sell the ads on eBay for what I thought were outrageous sums of money; I have come to understand that the things people value may seem a little strange to me, but if they went through the stuff I would spend a mint on, I might come off as a lunatic.  Anyway, he doesn’t sell them anymore, so now we have somewhere in the range of a thousand really old magazines packed away in the closets throughout the house.  I “appropriated” a few just to see if there was anything interesting and came across these beautiful vintage Rand McNally Maps in a 1941 Municipal Index.  I couldn’t resist the temptation to put them to use.

arsty 003                                      arsty 004

The above are shots of the world map in its original form.  This one, I couldn’t bring myself to tear out, at least not yet.  However, Mexico, Central, and South America were not as fortunate.

arsty 005                               arsty 006

As you can see, I not only tore them out, I tore them up.  Keep in mind, this is all for the artistic greater good.  Take deep breaths.  This is not the extent of my transgressions.

arsty 007                                     arsty 008

Obviously, I am not quite done (the green tape is not part of the color scheme, or the finished product!).  Eventually, this will be a one of a kind altered moleskine Volant journal.  Thus far, I have layered scraps of Rives Heavyweight for a base, painted it an antique copper color, and am now layering strips of, well, Brazil, the Caribbean, and the Atlantic, then washing each layer with a midnight blue color.  Eventually, I’ll finish with some lettering and hardware, but this is a long process.  Which leads me to ask, why does wheat paste take so long to dry?!  Yes, I know, archival, high quality, cheap, etc, but seriously, it puts a bit of a damper on my progress.  Also, is it supposed to be so… gelatinous?  Or did I do something wrong?!

In other news, I have this cool little thingy on my dashboard that tells me how many people have dropped in and checked the blog- I am so feelin the love.  Nothing makes an artsy/writer/book geek like me happier than finding out that people are actually reading what I’m writing; seeing that spike to 60 plus readers made me feel like my blog was picked for Oprah’s Book Club.  And hey, don’t tell me that 90% dropped by, took one look, and bounced off to some other, more high minded, better designed blog; let me bask in my ignorant glory!!  Ooh, AND 3 people heart my shop.  I don’t even care that nothing has sold yet, people heart me and that makes me happy.  Thanks guys!!  Keep coming back!  And talk to me, I spend all my time with people under the age of ten…

Okay so I have tons of stuff to post, but don’t want to get too crazy today.  My glue might be almost dry by now…  Check the tab things, I’m adding a contest- need a little input, and I am willing to give something away to get it! 

PS- I just checked my word count, 500 plus.  Does this make me a nerd or awesome?  Don’t know, don’t care, because people heart me:)


12 thoughts on “Blasphemy and Other Dangerous Musings

    • Thanks, glad I haven’t been flogged by antique enthusiasts; this journal is almost finished now, even though the overflowing life and general responsibilities have interrupted the flow at least ten times a day. Although I almost don’t want it to be over, I am having too much fun living in sin…
      PS- thanks for the comment!

  1. Yay! Way to go! Preserving is for n00bs, what better could happen to an old shabby book than being chosen to be gifted a new life? Art reincarnation for the win! 🙂 Love what you’re doing! (And I’m definitely absolutely totally envious of all your awesome old magazines!)

    I can relate to everything you write! Same for me regarding happiness about every single person visiting my blog (or even commenting!) – I was so proud to reach 30 followers recently. ;D I also haven’t sold much at my etsy shop (barely enough to cover the expenses, to be honest), but I, too, was so excited to see that about 3 or 4 people heart my shop or one of my items! 😀 Yes, indeed, I can relate… ❤

    • Thank you! And hey, if you want some vintage magazines, I’m going to be listing a few as is for pretty decent prices to see if I can unload some. The only problem is, I can’t decide which ones to let go of!! I’m too selfish!!

  2. Can’t wait to see this finished – please post it for us. I’ve never used wheat paste, but if you want something archival, that dries quickly, why not use PVA? It may cost more, but it really isn’t outrageous. I use it for all of my bookbinding and havenet even gone through one half of the bottle in the last 12 months.

    • I actually mix pva and wheat paste together for more working time, but then I want it to be dry IMMEDIATELY in order to keep things moving. I’m just impatient. Although, I am curious about how you get the PVA to last so long, I go through it pretty quickly…

  3. Use YES glue if you want it to dry faster but still be a bit maneuverable when you lay it down. It’s not cheap but it can be thinned just a bit (don’t go too far or it won’t be sticky anymore) but it’s a great glue/paste for this kind of work. Hmmm, this is interesting. Most people alter a book leaving it as a whole-ish kind of thing but you are tearing it all to heck. I like it so far. Anyone who spends most of their time with under 10 year olds needs some company or help or something!

    • The book itself is still whole- I am creating a new cover and end papers. The actual text block is wrapped with wax paper to keep it from getting destroyed. However- I do have some destructive plans for some other books I have laying around:)

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