All Hail the Queen!

As an artist, I feel its important to spread the love around and support people like the small business owners on Etsy and and beyond; I hope to feature a new individual, site, or find every week to share with the bibliomaniac crew!  This first website/store/supplier/instant soul mate is going to be a tough one to top!

Meet my latest and greatest supplier of all things quirky and unique:


skybluepink 041

I am always looking for hardware and metal stuff to use on books and boxes.  A search for small metal hinges (which has been a quest for several months) had me hopping around the web until 1 am a few nights ago.  The gods felt merciful and I stumbled upon skybluepink, the online store of Queen Christina and her minions.  Her Majesty has procured a massive array of the most awesome stuff; I spent another hour plus sorting through all the fabulous treasures she has acquired.  skybluepink’s tagline is “cool stuff for non-fancy prices”, which is an understatement.  You could buy enough stuff to keep you busy for months just by getting the change out of the couch cushions!  Queen Christina has everything for altered art, including things to alter, ATC supplies, charms, embellishments, fibers, fabrics, tools, Golden Acrylic Mediums, Tim Holtz products (including his Compendium of Curiosities, which I haven’t seen anywhere), and is the first one to pop up if you Google punchinella.  We’re talking HEAVEN for a girl like me…

skybluepink 045I got some hinges, book corners, pure copper nails, and some cool looking handles.  The gear, tiny thermometer, and large ring pull handle were extra little goodies the Queen bestowed upon me as free gifts.  She also has the set of six Golden Acrylic Gel Mediums available under list price- I have this set and it has given me hours of fun- they make a great adhesive and sealer, as well. 

skybluepink 052 skybluepink 050

My experience with skybluepink’s customer service was beyond fantastic:  While I was reading her ordering information, I discovered that Her Royal Highness was located in my very city, only about fifteen minutes from me!!  This revelation caused me to yelp with joy; the Queen kindly agreed to an audience, enabling me to save shipping so I could buy more stuff.   

When I met Queen Christina in person, we bonded instantly- I think I found my artsy bibliomaniac soul mate.  From obsessing about books to stories about all the cool artsy people we both know to trading information about how to do things and where to get even MORE cool stuff, we hit almost every topic under the sun and then some.  My poor husband called after I had been gone two hours to make sure nothing had happened to me! 

See, that’s what I like about artsy people; there is a sense of community even among those of us who are meeting for the first time.  All the artsy people I know are the people in my life most likely to give their time, advice, kindness, encouragement; if they have it to give, they do.  That community feel is what I like about Etsy, about the folks from the Everyday Matters yahoo group, even my buddy at my favorite art supply store who hooks me up with great deals and knows my kids by name.  I hope to have found a true friend in Queen Christina; she’s definitely found a loyal customer!

A note about the royal titles:  Take a minute to subscribe to the skybluepink newsletter- rather than an average rundown of weekly events, the Queen scribes an amusing serial novel with quirky characters and proper British use of thee and thou.  She also has sale links for newsletter subscribers only.  It’s definitely worth checking out.

Finally, a few pics to show what you can do with a blow torch, skybluepink’s metal book corners, and some copper foil.  A good time was had by all!  These are going on the vintage map book, by the way.

skybluepink 052   The original corners (they are a mid tone to bright gold color)

skybluepink 054 After torching, they turned a variety of colors, from coppery red to black, one even looked kind of blue.  It was pretty nifty.

skybluepink 055 Covered with thin copper foil, which was also torched- I wanted the colors more uniform, and my torching skills are nascent.

skybluepink 057 All three types, plus that’s the copper I torched. 

I love my blow torch.  Stay tuned to see more nifty stuff I try with it!


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