The Name Says It All (Contest Giveaway!)

Somebody stop me, I got a new toy:

arsty 010

Meet the latest addition to this Scorpion’s studio- the Ronson Micro Tech Torch.  What does a nice girl like me need with a blow torch, one might ask.  Well, I figured I would have some fun with it (and I have, I finally broke it out tonight), I am always looking for new things to explore, and I have a sudden obsession with adding metal to my work.  As usual, my venture into a new arena in the art and craft world started with finding one thing:  while searching for small, basic alphabet stamps at Michael’s, I came across a set of die cut metal alphabet stamps by Making Memories made just for metal stamping.  Making Memories specializes in scrapbooking supplies, but I have found that some of my most essential tools and supplies are found amidst the cutesy stickers and predesigned album kits.  The Making Memories Tool Kit is one of the best investments I have made thus far; the  craft knife is fantastic, although I have no idea how to replace the blade, if it is indeed replaceable, which makes me irate.  Anyway, I am completely off topic… 

Those metal stamps were the link into the world of metal crafting; the more I googled, the more amazed, inspired, and excited I became.  I love metal; I use a ton of metallic pigments, waxes, accents, jewelry pieces, and accents in the items I create, so the possibility of creating my own metal art thrilled me to a ridiculous extreme.  I am currently researching fine metal jewelry making in order to learn how to create my own hardware and embellishments.  Yes, I find really beautiful, fantastic items at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s, but they are not my own designs; if I were to use a locket or pendant in my art, I would feel like I had stolen something.  With the adoption of my new micro torch, I am given the potential to alter the pre-existing design, create my own designs, and manufacture my own impossible to find hardware items. 

So, getting down to the details of this whole contest/free stuff thing, because I know that’s why you clicked here and put up with my meandering thoughts:

An awesome tool (such as my beloved blow torch) needs its own unique, inspiring name.  I love to name objects, especially tools (“Dremmy the Dremmel Tool, please meet my friend and associate, Hammy the Hammer”): with this recent acquisition, I thought I’d invite others to join in the fun!  My blow torch needs an inspiring, original name- who better that the amazing creative people who find the Artsy Bibliomaniac amusing or inspiring to help me name it!  I am pleading for you to come up with the single most creative name you can think of for my tiny adopted micro torch (Benny the Blow Torch just won’t cut it here!).  To enter, email your suggestions to  I’ll pick my top three with the help of my amazing friends, then post a poll.  The most votes wins!  Make sure to email your suggestion by June 21, 2010 if you want me to consider them.  The more creative, the better!!  (Please note:  I’d love some seriously visual, artistic entries- I can post them with my comments and link the creators, giving some love and support back to my peeps- however, please do not submit attachments for the contest- upload any images to your blog, website, photo bucket account, etc, and send me the link to view it.  A starving artist/reader can’t take the risk of downloading a computer decimating virus!!).  As a bonus, if you send in some seriously original, creative, well done eye candy that impresses me (which can be difficult!), I’ll do a write up on your work, whether your suggestion wins or not!  Any press is good, right? 

So, whaddayaget?  Well, I am a little undecided thus far; at minimum, my pretty little Altered Moleskine Cahier Prototype, which you can see here, or an alternate choice of ten dollars off any other item in my shop.  I’ll probably throw in some nifty vintage paper extras and maybe even some excess hardware if you’re lucky!!  It just depends on how awesome the entries are! 

What are you waiting for?!  Help me name my new baby and win free stuff!!

Oh, and you can only submit your own stuff under your own name.  Otherwise, how can I make sure I give presents to the right person?!


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