Well, it was the thought that counted…

Yesterday was my two year wedding anniversary.  I am known for planning fairly elaborate and original gifts for my husband; for example, he’s an insomniac, so for his birthday last year, I redecorated our bedroom so that we would have softer light for the evenings and it would be a more peaceful, comfortable room.  I also got him a new cover for his shredded down blanket that he refuses to get rid of- seriously, the blanket has a name and everything. 

Anyway, last year we didn’t really do anything special for our anniversary; we sat on our porch and drank beer, and he got me a pair of running shoes.  However, when my awesome husband got me a Nook from Barnes and Noble for Mother’s day, he upped the ante; I had to come up with something good!  He’s a musician and has all this studio and recording equipment, plus guitars and a keyboard, right smack in the middle of my living room.  My plan was to clean out the basement, which looks like a junkyard, and decorate and set up his studio down there.  Okay, so its partly selfish- I also wanted the ugly mixing board out of the living room.  I even borrowed a truck from one of his good friends for two days without my husband finding out.

Everything would have been awesome if I did not have severe allergies.  I am so allergic to mold that I have a reaction if it even touches my skin.  I took one truck load of stuff to the thrift store and have been sick for two days.  Stupid mold.

I did come up with a backup gift that I have been having some fun with-

chad anniversary 009 chad anniversary 002

chad anniversary 005

I also finished my altered book with the vintage maps, and I love how it turned out:

Cover Views:

pool2010 011 map2


Back View:


The collage wraps around the cover to the inside.  This was fun to make, I wish I wasn’t out of blank journals to alter!


5 thoughts on “Well, it was the thought that counted…

    • My husband enjoys very nice cigars; one was in a glass vial, so I pretty much just made it very difficult to open:-D

    • Thanks- I think he liked it, its hard to tell with him sometimes. As for the evil allergies, they are unfortunately a way of life for me, but I have a massive arsenal of pharmeceuticals on my side!

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