Brief Contest Update & Other news

Okay, so upon reading the weekly newsletter of Queen Christina, I realized that the contest to name the blowtorch ended yesterday! At this point, I have three contenders- if anyone else would like to take a shot, just reply to this post with your entry and I will add the name to the list. Otherwise, I’ll let my kids draw names from a hat because I can’t decide!!

Other news in brief:

The girls are enjoying a lovely day at home of doing nothing but watching classic cartoons- Muppets From Space, Muppets Take Manhattan, Looney Toons…  See, these are the ones I like!

Is it possible to get a raging ear infection at 28 years old?  I hate pain…

Does anyone know why wordpress is telling me that it is 4:50 pm when it is really 12:49?  I just noticed that and am a bit baffled.

Okay, this is just a quicky, I’ll post artsy pictures or something later…


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