Busy Little Bookworm

I apologize for my unpardonable lack of updates recently:  while I always intend to take the time to sit down and entertain my vast audience with dramatic, riveting tales like “Locked in the Studio for Days:  One Woman’s Battle Against the Massive Mess She’s Been Ignoring” and “Retribution:  What Happens When Victims of ‘I Don’t Need to Hire a Professional, I’ll Do it Myself’ Spousal Abuse Find Their Voices and Their Husbands’ Tools”  (Wow, lengthy faux title…), I always seem to have so much other stuff to do.  I could get up at 4 am just to add the hours to the day so I get everything done, yet still I will be late for work, herding my unkempt sleepy eyed offspring in the general direction of the car and still will not have had time to turn on the computer!  The good news?  Between the day job and the domestic job, people have been paying me to make my books!  I even sold one of the altered moleskine journals I listed, and I never thought I’d sell any of the journals I’d already made.  Are you ready for the big, retire to the Caribbean to make art full time in my seaside studio number of customers I’ve had?  FOUR!!!  I know all my customers by their first names :) 

Since it’s been so long since I’ve shared anything at all, let alone any new work, it’s picture time!  What follows are some of the books I’ve made since August- the ones I remembered to photograph before I sent them off on their merry way, at least:

My daughter turned 8 in August- she asked me to make her one of my books; the beauty of this is that I did most of the work with her running around me, without the slightest idea that the purple and blue mess Mom was making had anything to do with her

Please Note:  While I did dye and paint each and every page, Ava gets credit for some of the color here- she started creating in it before I could take photos!

I was hired to make the next book for a wedding as a journal for the guests to write notes, memories, advice and so forth for the bride and groom, which I thought was a pretty cool idea.  The other cool thing about this one?  It was for a surprise wedding!  The couple was going to go the city hall route and booked a date, then the husband secretly planned a small wedding to surprise his bride.  Now, had I surprised my husband with a wedding, I doubt such a gesture would have been received with gushing adoration; however, since a date was set to tie the knot anyway, I thought this was an incredibly sweet move by the groom.  Okay, enough!  Here’s the album:

I also made a small paper sketchbook as a a free gift for the mother of the bride, who ordered the wedding journal from the Scorpio Creations shop- I forgot to take pictures because I was in a rush to mail it.  However, I just finished another, similar sketchbook as a gift for the art student teacher at school- my daughter adores her and has been distraught that she must now leave us and return to college so she can finish her degree program, so I made a small gift for Ava to give her as a good luck present.

small paper sketchbook 022 small paper sketchbook 028 small paper sketchbook 029

A note of interest regarding the above book-  These soft cover artist journals are the offspring of my adoration of Rives BFK and Rives Heavy & Lightweight drawing papers.  The cover is Rives BFK 300gsm, and this book features 32 pages of Rives Lightweight sewn into the folded cover paper with ivory ribbon using a 3 hole pamphlet stitch.  The nifty thing about these journals- you can design your own cover!  The BFK is thick enough to take on almost any medium and embellishments of reasonable weight.  Why all the detail, you ask?  I am moving my etsy shop (Scorpio creations will still be active for a while) to a new name and a new setup, and I plan to start my listings with these simple, elegant, journals available for order in a couple of different sizes.The new name is ArtsyBibliomaniac- I have no idea why I didn’t use that name in the first place, but I love it and when you Google it, this blog is the first thing that pops up!  Here’s the deal with the new shop- I spend at least 30 hours on a custom requested journal, typically more, yet I was pricing my work well under the value a one of a kind, completely hand made, therefore labor intensive, custom requested item.  Once I decided to go ahead and open a new shop with a name that ties into the blog, I saw an opportunity to revise my whole method of pricing and posting in so that it is reasonable but is a better reflection of both the unique quality of the items I create and the value of my time and effort.  Most of the types of bindings I list for custom orders will end up costing a fair amount over the listing price; however, the paper sketchbooks like the one pictured above should be very affordable, even though the quality of the materials is high.  I could be wrong, but I think people who buy them might do so in order to customize their own journals, which saves me a lot of time and the buyer a lot of moula.

However, I digress…  a ton.  Basically, the sketchbooks aren’t up yet and the shop is in desperate need of setting up, but if anyone wants to purchase a soft cover journal similar to the one above,  just contact me through the etsy shop (both are still open) to pin down the details and I’ll be happy to make one for you. 

And now, the journal in progress I’ve been working on (obsessing over):

Mr Phoenix up there isn’t quite done yet…

While I do have a couple more pieces lying around, I didn’t take pics yet, so I’ll play show and tell with my own paper sketchbook next time.  It’s time for this chica to chill out and get some much needed sleep.

Now if only my husband would stop snoring!


4 thoughts on “Busy Little Bookworm

    • Thank you! I know, I like keeping up the blog when I have the time, but I never really seem to have the time unless I sacrifice something insignificant, like sleeping…

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