I Heart Drawing…

…Especially with cool new art supplies.  I picked up some portfolio water soluble oil pastels a while ago and last week finally broke them out to play with…


But it is hard to get a detailed drawing from such chunky, messy, crayons, so, just to prove I can still draw a little…


I drew this!

A related note:  I finally kept one of the books I made, a paper covered sketchbook filled with Rives heavyweight and lightweight, my favorite paper; it houses the above drawings, one of which is part of the cover.  Which is not finished.  This is what it looks like now:

my sketchbook 102010 001 my sketchbook 102010 002

my sketchbook 102010 004

Multiple pamphlets sewn into a concertina.  I really like this sketchbook, though, glad I made it for myself!

Next up:  Conquering Coptic Binding.  Stay tuned for gory details, after I find a curved needle…


3 thoughts on “I Heart Drawing…

  1. I have some of these too. I was never able to get them to do this though! Very nice and I love your sketchbook. Does it bother you to not have a hard cover? Or do you use a different sketchbook when sketching outside?

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