Bad Habits are Hard to Break…

Like my habit of procrastinating on listing new stuff and updating my lovely little blog!  Please forgive my silence; I have been busy perfecting my bad habits over the past couple of months.  As always, one little thing sets me off in a whirlwind and suddenly I find myself with a new skill and a large amount of new supplies.  I have not yet ruled out a shopping addiction as one of my many flaws, although I do think some might find an obsession with collecting every type of pen nib or a drive to own all types of pliers ever made a bit strange… 

The first of my latest spiraling obsessions was the result of a custom journal request that included an illustrated map.  The request was for a journal with some sort of phoenix on the cover, which I think I blogged while I was working on it, with a simple illustration of some sort of fantasy world to be included in the book.  I must have the most awesome clients ever, because this woman not only gave me total control over the book design, she made sure to tell me that the map just needed to give the basic lay of the land, unless I wanted to add more.  She took some pictures of a (very) rough sketch of where all the countries went, gave me the details on what was supposed to go where, and then set me loose.  The poor thing didn’t realize that if I get an idea, I have an obsessive drive to master any and all skills required to see that idea through to completion.  While I did not go so far as to include latitude, longitude, or a scale, I did teach myself copperplate calligraphy and have acquired an obscene amount of drawing ink, pen nibs, and holders…  Not to mention a decent supply of different golden mediums (a phoenix has feathers, so I was trying to get a feathery look using fiber paste…  then I got a little obsessed with all the gel mediums…).  In the end, she loved the results…  I’m hoping her friend did too!  Check out the finished product:

So I finished up that project, plus the guest book for my best friend’s wedding (it’s good to know a custom book maker/binder/artist/whatever!  Comes in handy sometimes…) and was kind of lost for a bit, as I normally am when I don’t have any projects to work on.  I would come home from work, sit in my little studio/office, and stare at the enormous mess, trying to figure out ways not to clean it.  I picked up a magazine one day, hoping for some inspiration to at least motivate me to clean off one of my desks, and came across an article about making fabric cuff bracelets.  Since I don’t really sew or make jewelry, I obviously had to learn right away.  The cuffs led me to bracelets which led me to Google, which led me to the bead store in Hyde park, which sparked an obsession with Swarovski crystal pearls, silver wire, and a strong desire for pliers, needle files, and any other cool tools.  Plus, I now have an excuse to break out Pele, my blow torch, which just makes me a bad ass…  So I’m going to list some jewelry in the hopes of that it will sell so I can buy more tools, because I gotta admit, I love things like drills and hammers and torches…  So, recent jewelry:

In a related note, I do have to rave about Lucia’s Beads, one of the many bead supply shops on Etsy.  The owner, Ellie, sells these beautiful Japanese Tensha Beads and striking Swarovski crystal components, and went out of her way to order my beloved pearls for me even though her shop didn’t carry them.  Amazing customer service, all around, shipping was incredibly fast.  So, if any bead loving people are out there in cyber land, please click on over and show some love; I have never had a bad experience with a seller, but I was just floored by Ellie’s willingness to go above and beyond…

More pretty pictures soon (relatively speaking!)….


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