Fun with Wire and Other Adventures

I have found a new love- jewelry.  I never realized the artistic and creative potential of wire; I thought all handmade jewelry consisted of beads on string, which can be pretty, but is rarely what I would wear.  And I don’t like to make anything I wouldn’t buy myself… 

But, I adore hardware and charms and baubles and started amassing a smallish (compared to some) collection of nifty things from the jewelry supply section of Michael’s and Hobby Lobby, then started reading up (that’s what a bibliomaniac does), Voila!  A new obsession is born!  The upside- faster stocking of the store, plus very impressed moms on Christmas.  The downside- to do things the way I like to (I make almost everything myself, with the exception of the beads, and really want to take on metal smithing) can get pretty expensive.  Plus, I seem to be developing a minor case of carpal tunnel!  Does that happen that quickly?  Seriously?

Anyway, photos!

Most items pictured are for sale in the Shop

Oh, and I made a Facebook page for the shop; I have no clue what to do with it, but you can become a fan Here.  Or maybe you can tell me what to do with it!  That would be fabulous as well…


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