Secret Snow Dance Society Claims Credit for Today’s Historic Event

“Amateurs do a snow dance.” one inside source revealed.  “The secret of our success is all in how we shuffle…"

CPS, Other Districts, Close Ahead of Snow

If you were unaware, it is my pleasure to inform the world that, due in large part to my own exhausting efforts involving the super secret snoopy snow day shuffle (two parts snoopy dance, one part Carlton, you just have to be there) as well as some tender heartfelt scenes during which I implored "Are you there, Snow?  It’s me, Lauren…" and "Why Snow Why?!  Why does the weatherman tease me so?!!", Cincinnati Public Schools, driven by some unseen force, some divine intervention (Thou hast not forsaken me, Snow!!), is CLOSED today.  To all my fellow educators and friends who still cackle triumphantly from home when your school closings flash across the screen- I salute you!

SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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