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Instant Gratification Rocks

So I don’t know about the rest of the crafty world, but when I have an idea or need something for a project or just need some inspiration, I don’t wanna wait for processing, shipping, or the stores to open in the morning.  I want my stuff as soon as possible, warp speed, immediately.  I don’t think of whatever said item is as a want- I am a creative person, I live on gesso and art magazines (well, sugar and caffeine, too), supplies are a need.  Kind of like water or Radiohead, I cannot survive without my supply fix.  I will even give up Starbucks if I need a new paint brush or something; those who know me well know that this is a huge sacrifice for me…  Imagine my joy upon discovering the digital supply market!  That’s right folks, digital downloads for immediate gratification.  In honor of the impulse buy, I present you with a few of my late night discoveries:

Digital Collage Sheets.com  Love this online shop, with massive, beautiful freebies to draw you in and a vast array of images compiled into awesome collage sheets.  Oh, and did I mention that your purchases are immediately available for download?  Be still, my hoarding heart…

AmeliaLuneDigital on Etsy  Every collage sheet in this shop is one dollar, with additional bundling options that include free sheets based on how many you buy.  Seven for the price of five, fifteen for the price of ten, etc.  Each sheet contains multiple images that are high quality, gorgeous, and timeless.  Plus, the shop owner is true to her 24 hours or less policy on delivery- I got my order within about five hours of purchase and was happily printing away the wee hours of the morn.

Graphique on Etsy  These vintage inspired images are works of art in themselves, and right now they happen to be on sale!  Normally 3.50 apiece, Graphique heard their customers cries and is offering all of their more than 1600 images for one dollar each.  Not only do they offer a huge variety of items varying from ephemera, to Parisian, to words and graphics perfect for altering fabric totes and t shirts for wedding parties, Graphique takes custom requests as well!  Another plus?  The images can be resized by the buyer without much hassle (I have not found an easy way to resize any other images- print, scan, crop, save, open in a new program, resize, save some more…  ugh…).  The only downfall I see is that the shop only offers single images- a problem for those of us who prefer an assortment due to a lack of decision making ability.  However, even I forced myself to narrow my selections down to just three beautiful choices.

*Note- Due to the time consuming nature of building a website, Graphique has had to take a tiny hiatus from creating custom digital sheets; since it took me over three hours to get no where trying to even create a rudimentary digi-collage, I completely understand!

And finally, for those who believe “the best will come to those who wait”, I give you the exquisite works of Roberta Altshuler, artist and designer extraordinaire of ERA Graphics.  While my own transparency fix doesn’t typically take more than a day or so (its good to work for the supplier!), as far as I am aware, Roberta’s images come in physical sheets only.  And although I hate to give away all my secrets, these illustrations are too good to keep a secret, and definitely worth waiting for.  You can see (and even order!) the full color Focus cards HERE from the Queen of SkyBluePink.  Each card features a single word surrounded by beautiful, ornate illumination, and are incredibly inspiring just to look at.  However, the Queen and Roberta, being a pair of smart cookies, saw their crafting potential and now offer the full set of focus cards as well as various other renderings as transparencies.  They make really great image transfers (I used sculpey liquid polymer clay, two thumbs up!).  To see all the transparencies by Ms. Altshuler, CLICK HERE and scroll down.

And now I gotta go to work; hopefully, I’ll have a little spare time to play with my new toys!

*Note:  Much to my embarrassment, I managed to get Roberta’s name completely wrong in the original post, despite having looked it up to be certain; my humblest apologies to Roberta Altshuler, not Altman:), and thank you to HRH for pointing out the mistake.


Its Not Just Me!

I thought I was the only nut who obsessed over mastering many different artsy crafty creative things.  However, just stumbled upon a post on CreateMixedMedia.com that proves the existence of other equally obsessive life forms!  Maybe we should form a 12 step program?  Group “therapy” sessions so as not to annoy those ordinary people who want to talk about silly things like politics and the economy…  I know, I know, there are art retreats and workshops and classes, but those require things like money and babysitters, which leads me to a rant on privilege, class, and perhaps gender in the art/craft world, which is a post for another day…  Rather, I will end on this- It is nice to know I’m not alone!

They Say We’re Obsessed Like Its A Bad Thing- Rice Freeman Zachary

Good intentions…

So, I intend to give the old blog here a little tlc here soon…  You know, brush off the cobwebs, maybe give it my signature organizational makeover (the studio gets one every few months; I start going through all my supplies and stash and reorganize everything more “efficiently”, typically inspired by some really adorable storage product I HAD to buy), and maybe even try to add some content on a regular basis.  Short content, maybe some pictures or something (baby steps, people, baby steps!).

Notice I said “intend”…

Legal Musings: The Anthony Edition

Maybe I should have gone to law school after all.   I called this one three weeks ago.

The nation seems to be in a state of shock over this Casey Anthony verdict; I am relieved that the justice system is working as it was designed to, that a woman was not convicted of capital murder and sentenced to death based on a circumstantial case.

The prosecution did not prove their case.  Period.  They were relying on the emotional upheaval and biased media coverage to ensure a guilty verdict.  Honestly, I am surprised they didn’t get one; however, once you are one of those twelve people holding another human being’s life or death in your hands, perhaps you are more apt to take “beyond a reasonable doubt” seriously.

The Murder 1 charge was just ridiculous, especially given the evidence.  Had they gone with manslaughter, the state might have gotten that conviction.  After all, Ms. Anthony was found guilty on four counts of lying to the police, which means the jury doesn’t trust her, and they probably think she killed her little girl, be it through neglect, abuse, rage, or even cold premeditation.  However, the state’s case was so poor that the jury had no choice but to side with the shady lying kid killer.  I know I wouldn’t want to be responsible for taking someone’s life if there was any possibility the child’s death was an accident.

Of course, I think the death penalty is inhumane- not because I want to protect sociopathic killers, but because it makes those of us who are not killers less human.  So, Ohio, if you call me up for jury duty, don’t put me on a death penalty case, its just a waste of everyone’s time.  (Does Ohio even have the death penalty still?  I think we do…)  I choose to maintain my humanity.

My point is this- the not guilty verdict doesn’t mean that Casey Anthony isn’t guilty.  It means the prosecution didn’t do its job.  Like it or not, the system worked as it was designed.  The justice system is weighted in favor of the defendant.  The burden of proof is on the prosecution.  Its supposed to be that way, to ensure that the innocent don’t end up serving sentences for crimes they did not commit, and as time and DNA evidence have shown, it doesn’t always work.  Innocent people have served life sentences; innocent people have been executed.  So I am relieved when the public opinion, when emotion, when the media coverage does not decide the case.

Besides, there is no such thing as justice when a child dies.  Nothing is fair, the world is not right, comfort is a laughable concept.  Children go missing, are murdered, abused, on a daily basis.  Most of them do not get national media coverage; chances are we don’t even notice them if they happen to be mentioned on our local news channels.  Justice is a figment of our collective imagination.  Caylee Anthony was a beautiful, special child; they are all beautiful, special children.  Be enraged about that.

I know, I know, I save my rare posts for the most random (and apparently controversial) things…

Featured CAHC Shop For May!


Check out my girl Jessica, paper creator extraordinaire, on the Cincinnati Area Handmade Creations blog!  Her shop, Paper Acorn, features awesome hand crafted paper creations like acorn boxes, luminaries, and my favorite, little paper butterflies that perch on wine glasses.  Perfect finishing touches to add a little something to a shower, party, or especially a wedding!

CAHC Feature for May  <— click there!


I really really want this butterfly….



The small details add up.

Spring has finally arrived in Cincinnati.  Those April showers you hear about?  This year, torrential nonstop buckets of rain.  Every time I leave my house to go to work, it rains.  Every time I leave work, either on break or to go home, it rains.  I feel like Eeyore, witheaster, etsy 014-1 my own personal little rain cloud following me around.  Oh, and it gets worse!  Cincinnati is on the Ohio River, as well as the Great (or Little?) Miami, and every road I turn down, especially when I am trying to get to work, and trying to be on time, seems to be flooded, or I am stuck in traffic because all the other ways to get anywhere are flooded so the entire population of Cincinnati (at least my side of town) has to use the road that my house is on to get to work!  Did I mention I’m burning four dollar per gallon gas while sitting in all this traffic?

I am slightly annoyed.

Another small detail:  I have a several designs in my head.  The chain mail weaves I plan to use to make these visions a reality require certain jump rings.  The rings I have will not work for these designs, so I spend a lot of time perusing the pages of my two favorite suppliers, C & T Designs and Blue Buddha Boutique, trying to determine what I need.  However, since I am sitting in traffic, burning that four dollar a gallon gas, I cannot stock up on the rings I need.  I am the diabetic kid locked in the candy store, the recovering alcoholic gazing at the beautiful bottles behind the bar.  I am an artist lacking the proper tools.  And because I am unable test out the designs right now, I feel paralyzed whenever I sit down to create anything. 

Paralysis is bad, very very bad.

And then, of course, there’s the shop.  Nothing is moving.  Items are loved, but no one is buying.  I have been featured in several treasuries, and still, no one is buying.  However, if I wear one of my pieces, it will be bought off my wrist, or someone will order the same bracelet with different colors.  I offer discounts, GEDC1605have sales, donate pieces for auction, I’m even captain of a local team, and yet, no one is buying.  Do I want to dominate the world and be some huge corporation?  Absolutely not!  I just  want to keep on creating and have enough money to invest in supplies so that I don’t get paralyzed.  I don’t even have any desire to quit my day job, is breaking even really too much to ask? 

I am almost out of coffee at home…

And Starbucks stopped making my favorite drink, the Ristretto Bianco, because apparently the pitcher essential to the creation of the beverage has been recalled for safety reasons…

No one in my house seems to know where the clothes hamper is…

And my darling Mr Fix It husband has torn apart his new, beautiful car to install some fancy gadgets and speakers, so the interior, tools, and gadgety stuff is strewn about my house; I am too afraid to clean it up in case something vital gets lost…

My kids keep finding the Easter candy, which I keep hiding, and bounce around hopped up on sugar…

I’m not getting anything productive done and its stressing me out, which leads me to stress more and pace and still not get anything productive done…

I keep trying to get up early enough to run so that I’ll feel less stressed and more balanced, but I don’t seem to be able to hear the alarm clock before 6:15, and I have to be out the door by 6:10 if I am going to get to work on time…

And my husband works too late for me to go for a run in the evening…

So I am updating my blog!  Now, off to iron pants and fold laundry…